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North Norfolk Enabling Fund Opens

Posted 18/11/2015

North Norfolk District Council is supporting the LEADER Programme in the North Norfolk District Council area by providing potential match funding under the Programme known as the North Norfolk Enabling Fund. The key priorities for accessing this fund are as follows:

  • It is expected that financial support from the Enabling Fund will ultimately secure match-funding from the LEADER Programmes for the Wensum and Coast or the Broads LEADER Local Action Group (LAG) areas (Eligible wards within North Norfolk District Council areas only).
  • The purpose of the Fund is to enable organisations to deliver actions that will support job creation and/or economic growth in the North Norfolk area.
  • The geographic focus is the North Norfolk District Council area, with specific emphasis on the seven market and resort towns.
  • The focus of the fund will be to attract optimum levels of financial support for projects that can deliver tangible outputs and benefits for the North Norfolk area.
  • The anticipated benefits will be assessed on a project by project basis;

The North Norfolk District Council contact to discuss the opportunities that are provided through this fund is John Mullen – Economic and Community Projects Manager – Phone - 01263 516104 or email - john.mullen@north-norfolk.gov.uk