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We're Recruiting!

Posted 30/01/2017 : By: Madeleine Mitchell

The rural funding team at Norfolk County Council is recruiting two project facilitators to work on the LEADER funding programme.

The facilitator will be an excellent communicator who can understand complex funding requirements and distil them to our applicants, making judgements on the eligibility of potential projects. Key tasks will be:

1. Assist in the development and implementation of high quality projects, both at a strategic level, and locally. The Facilitator will create strong networks to facilitate ‘bottom up’ project development and will support and mentor potential programme beneficiaries to develop the project concept and business case.

2. Work together with monitoring and appraisal staff to ensure that the best possible advice and guidance be given to all project stakeholders including financial management, audit requirements and publicity requirements.

3. Promote the LEADER programme effectively though individual contacts, LAG members, networks and other relevant organisations.

Applicants will need to be self-motivated, resourceful and able to manage the successful implementation of this major partnership programme. Educated to degree level or with equivalent work experience, you will have a proven track record in project management, experience of business finances and experience of economic development and European grant funding programmes. 

More information can be found by clicking on the link to our vacancy website: https://norfolkcc.engageats.co.uk/

Alternatively you can download the Recruitment Information Pack here: https://norfolkcc.engageats.co.uk//ViewAttachment.aspx?enc=jmxpV+AcVus8i/wvT3FZXrrCOvCUGNWd9uca/tGZrALDqU3b1bPHWT7fOYatQ3GdUDAdPuVsZhAgZahFqmUtUfbZdQ0pnQMNuzCv7z7sHrNe5brQbRK0jlbE0DpiY9+T