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Apply for Funding

The LEADER Programme is now closed to Expression of Interests.

Making an application will be through a two stage process – an expression of interest form (EOI) and, if this is successful, this will be followed by a full application.

Prospective applicants should first review the LEADER applicant handbook (see link below), which offers guidance about the funding available under this programme. Please note that these handbooks contain some technical information about eligibility criteria, so we also advise any applicant considering applying under our scheme to contact us first at leaderteam@norfolk.gov.uk and discuss your project with a facilitator who can then send you an an expression of interest form to complete. Applicants also need to read through the relevant local development strategy for their local action group area - these can be found by clicking on the relevant tab at the top of the page.

For further information you check the Local Action Group map to find out which area your project falls in and use the tabs above to visit the relevant Local Action Group web page where you can find a link to their local funding priorities.

Download the applicant handbook using the links below:

You can also download a guidance document on how to complete an expression of interest form here.

Meeting Dates & Application Deadlines

Full applications are discussed during the LAG meetings, at which point members vote on whether to approve or reject an application. In exceptional circumstances, a project may be deferred for a later decision. In order to have your project discussed at one of these meetings, you will need to have submitted your expression of interest form 14 weeks in advance of the meeting, and the full application 8 weeks before. The dates of the meetings and application deadlines are listed below: 

Please note that the meeting dates are subject to change and we would always advise applicants to submit applications as soon as possible- don’t wait until the deadline! Do get in touch with us if you're planning on hitting a particular meeting date.