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Animal Welfare Improvement & Farm Diversification at Oak House Farm

Posted 04/04/2018 : By: Alice Goodrich

The 'Animal Welfare Improvement & Farm Diversification at Oak House Farm' project, based in Larling, was contracted in July 2017.

The project is made up of two parts. First, to install a specialist cattle crush to hold cows in place whilst they receive veterinary care This will help to provide earlier detection of medical issues, such as lameness, and save the business money on vet care and antibiotics - a government-set target.

The second part of this project is the purchase and installation of a raw milk vending machine at the farm gate. This will enable the farm to diversify and introduce a new income stream for the business.

E T Larwood & Son's LEADER project is a great example of how the grant can support farms to diversify and improve animal welfare standards.