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Belmont Nursery

Posted 03/11/2016 : By: Madeleine Mitchell

Belmont Nursey project- 'More efficient use of rainwater'

Belmont Nursery are cut-flower and bulb growers based in Terrington St. Clement. The business is a supplier of UK supermarkets, and grows both outdoors and under 8 hectares of glass, and wanted to improve their capture of annual rainfall onto their glasshouses, so they could redirect it for use on crops and to share with neighbouring farms.

The project was awarded grant funding of £33,155 by West Norfolk Local Action Group, to fund a new network of underground pipes, plus electric pumps to enable them to move the water across fields and share the water supply.

The project will achieve environmental benefits through better use of rainwater and reducing the need for extraction by beneficially working in collaboration with neighbouring businesses.