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Dann's Dairy

Posted 16/01/2018 : By: Alice Goodrich


In October 2016, FS Dann & Son Limited secured funding from LEADER to support their world class hygiene and welfare standards, as well as energy savings.

Their grant specifically funded:

  • Better management of slurry, so it can be used efficiently as a liquid fertiliser, and organic soil improver.
  • Filtration of borehole water to remove iron and improve water quality, so it can be used for the dairy herd.
  • Energy savings through use of a smart variable speed vacuum pump.
  • A cluster flushing system to reduce transference of infection.
  • Heat exchangers to use heat removed when cooling the milk to pre-heat water used for washing through and sterilising the milking parlour, and also recover heat from the hot water returning after the washing of the parlour.
  • FS Dann & Son Limited is a mixed family farm with dairy cows, arable and poultry as well as an ice-cream production facility. In 2014 the farm doubled its milking herd up to 440 dairy cows. The cows were initially housed across two sites, but were brought together in one large unit in order to yield considerable efficiency savings. They have been making handmade ice cream since 2007 in their converted barn in the heart of rural Norfolk.