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Fen Farm Dairy

Posted 17/10/2017 : By: Alice Goodrich


Fen Farm Dairy Ltd. has had two successful LEADER applications, one in April and the other in August 2017.

The first project funded a rumination monitoring system. Monitoring rumination offers an early window of diagnosis of any health issues, such as abomasums, metritis, mastitis and even the onset of calving in dry cows. The system includes a base station and 200 ‘moo monitor’ collars. This system dramatically increases animal welfare, as well as reducing veterinary costs.

The second project received funding towards the development of a second cheese production facility at the Fen Farm site. The business started making cheese in 2012, with help from the previous LEADER programme. Due to the popularity of Fen Farm’s cheese, particularly Baron Bigod - a creamy brie-style cheese, larger cheese-making facilities became necessary to meet this increased demand.

Fen Farm has been run by the Crickmore family for three generations and they are passionate about what they do. On the farm, they have a happy herd of Montbeliarde and Frieisan cows, from which they use their raw milk to make cheese, raw cultured butter and raw cream.