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Flint Vineyard

Posted 30/03/2016 : By: Madeleine Mitchell



This project will create a new 2.5-hectare vineyard and equip a state-of-the-art winery at Camphill Farm, Earsham. A visitor centre will also be set up so visitors can enjoy and learn about wine. The vineyard will be planted with multiple combinations of grapevine varieties and a custom-made steel trellis will support the vines. Specialist vineyard machinery will be commissioned for precision work in the narrow 2 metre width rows of the vineyard.

A state-of-the-art winery will be equipped with processing equipment for gentle grape handling, stainless steel tanks with inert gas storage to protect against oxidation, tank temperature control, gentle pumps designed specifically for wine, insulation materials and air conditioning to provide cellar conditions, specialist storage racks for bottles and barrels and other peripheral items to enable the best handling of juice and wine.  



"We thought the LEADER application process was very well run with excellent support provided by the team, who were always on hand to provide sound business and logistical advice. We found the process to be well explained and, although quite lengthy, definitely worth doing. The grant we received has helped us to launch our wine-making business with a focus on quality by allowing us to source and purchase some of the best available equipment that would have been unobtainable to us otherwise." - Ben, Flint Vineyard