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Havensfield Free Range Liquid Egg

Posted 24/10/2016 : By: Madeleine Mitchell

Havensfield Eggs are producers, packers and wholesalers of Free Range eggs. The business has grown significantly from circa 50,000 birds to around 130,000 today, therefore it has ample supplies of second quality eggs to enable the project viable and to add value to a product that has seen its worth to the business drop dramatically. The project will also create employment in a rural environment.

The aim of the project is to meet the growing demand for pasteurised liquid egg in a changing market place. Environmental health officers are requesting the use of pasteurised liquid products over that of shell eggs in premises such as hotels, hospitals and other busy commercial kitchens. This project would offer something unique to the local area as currently no one produces liquid egg in Norfolk or Suffolk. Second quality eggs along with eggs that are deemed to be of poorer quality will be utilised, reducing waste and increasing profits. The ability to pasteurise Havensfield free range eggs would also protect the business and its contracted producers against diseases such as salmonella or if there were an outbreak of Avian flu, as the law prevents these eggs being sold into the shell market but they can safely be pasteurised and sold on. Pastuerised liquid egg would also give an advantage in ironing out the peaks and troughs of surpluses of shell eggs, thus giving the opportunity to add value without the need to wholesale shell egg if prices are poor. Overall the project would safeguard against flock diseases, reduce the risk of wholesaling eggs at a loss and provide greater confidence to contracted egg producers that the business can take all eggs in all circumstances. The opportunities that this project can deliver are far reaching, by opening new business avenues with the NHS and local authorities such as schools, colleges and care homes. The other main areas are local food manufacturers such as bakers, mayonnaise makers which require liquid egg as an ingredient. There is also a growing demand for liquid egg whites in body building and health clubs which attract good premiums, albeit on smaller volumes.

Find out more about this business here: http://www.havensfieldeggs.co.uk/