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Hillgate Nurseries

Posted 11/04/2018 : By: Alice Goodrich

Hillgate Nurseries secured and contracted their LEADER grant in October 2017.

The project has supported the business to install a new reservoir at the Nurseries. Previously rainwater was collected from the glasshouse roofs and stored in a large, unlined pond. The water was only suitable 70-80% of the time. The new reservoir has increased rainwater storage capacity, thereby reducing any potential for flooding during periods of heavy rain, and stopping their reliance on mains water thus saving money.

Hillgate Nurseries was set up in 1970 in centre of Terrington St Clement, and moved to the current 52-acre site on the outskirts of the village. The business specialises in plant propagation and is one of three UK businesses currently selling into the region. The plants are sold on to growers who then grow the plants on for retail customers, such as supermarkets. Their customers range from local to national to international growers.