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Panther Brewery

Posted 30/03/2016 : By: Madeleine Mitchell


Over the past year and after extensive research, Panther Brewery in Reepham has generated an alcohol free real ale called HOPSTA, which is believed to be the first in the UK. Bottles of Hopsta have been available since last November, and market research has been very positive among non-ale and real ale drinkers. The project will introduce a new bottling line to automate the bottling and labelling facility and exploit the opportunity this new product brings to the business. A bottling line will increase capacity from 1000 bottles per week up to 1000 bottles per hour, which will enable the brewery to use the full capacity of the brewing plant.

The bottling facility, when not working at full capacity, will be offered to other breweries who may wish to contract their bottling to the only ‘real ale’ bottling facility available in the county. This will bring an additional income stream into the business.