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Sunset Barn Care Farm

Posted 30/03/2016 : By: Madeleine Mitchell

This project will support the erection of purpose built accommodation for farm helpers, volunteers and staff who attend the Care Farm. More space is needed to provide seating for up to fifteen people, zoned areas for private break out spaces, two toilets and extra washing facilities. Upstairs the project will provide bedrooms for overnight weekend stays of farm helpers and their families or for staff/volunteers to stay. A new work area for music, yoga or larger scale art activities will be incorporated as well as better food preparation facilities with increased cooking capacity and areas for people to work.

The new building will enable the services provided by Sunset Barn Care Farm to increase to five days a week, for more people at a time to attend and for some activities to be carried out at weekends. This increase in capacity will mean an increase in the opportunities for farm helpers, volunteers and staff to meet their own identified aims and objectives.



"We are approaching our first anniversary of the official opening of our new premises at Sunset Barn Care Farm known as The Cart Lodge and can confirm that there has been an increase in people able to access our service and our employment figures have increased. We quite simply wouldn't have been able to increase our capacity to the extent we have without this building and we wouldn't have been able to complete the build without the financial grant received through the LEADER funding scheme. The Local Action Group (LAG) looked at our proposals and agreed that we met the criteria for the funding and the whole process from start to finish was comprehensive and transparent. We felt supported and valued by the guidance the LAG were able to give us and we feel proud of the end product which has enabled our business to expand. We feel strongly that this funding scheme is an opportunity that could benefit many more businesses in the Eastern region and urge anyone who has an idea for creating a new business or is interested in expanding an existing business which meets the LEADER funding criteria to speak with their local LAGs to discuss their proposals."  - Russell, Melanie and the team at Sunset Barn Care Farm