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Swannington Farm to Fork

Posted 07/03/2018 : By: Alice Goodrich


In May 2017, Swannington Farm to Fork was awarded funding to take on new staff and expand their operations by introducing new processing lines and increasing their storage capability. There are 3 main parts to their project:

1. Redevelop part of their building to allow for additional processing

2. Increase refrigeration storage with specialist lifting equipment and hanging rails

3. Extend cutting area

Funding from LEADER is helping the business to provide a greater quantity and range of products to the farm shop’s existing customers, as well as expanding into more restaurants, colleges, hospitals and schools which is a growing area for the business.

The Mutimer Family have been rearing pigs since 1973 and in recent years, they have developed Swanning Farm to Fork into a multi-awarding-winning business. Their animals are reared to the highest welfare standards and are fully recognised by schemes such as the RSPCA’s Freedom Food Scheme and the Red Tractor Assurance Scheme. Their meat has an exceptionally low carbon footprint, as all animals are slaughtered and matured locally.