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How can I get involved with a Local Action Group

LEADER "Liaison Entre Actions de Développement de l'Économie Rurale", meaning 'Links between the rural economy and development actions'. It is a ‘bottom-up’ approach which enlists the energy and resources of local people who come together as an empowered group to develop an area.

Five local action groups (LAGs) are operating throughout the 2014-2020 programme – Brecks, Broads, Waveney Valley, Wensum & Coast, West Norfolk and the Waveney Valley. LAG members come from private, public or a voluntary background, and can represent themselves or an organisation, and should have an interest in improving the rural economy of the LAG area. More than 50% of the partnership must come from the non-public sector.

The aim is to have a range of skills, expertise and local knowledge represented on each Local Action Group, and you can apply to become a member at any time during the programme. The commitment is to attend a meeting once a quarter, and an annual review meeting, most likely to be held at the beginning of each calendar year. LAG members meet to review projects coming forward for funding, to ensure they will deliver against the priorities in the relevant local development strategy for each respective area.

If you wish to join a LAG, visit the relevant LAG home page where you can find their funding priorities and strategy for the programme.  Below you can download a membership form and terms of reference which you can complete and return to us by post.

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